Scott Baldwin

I’m a professor of clinical psychology at Brigham Young University. My research focuses on statistical, methodological, and measurement issues in psychotherapy research and psychology, generally. Though I study a number of topics in psychotherapy, I’m particularly interested in clinical services research and understanding how providers and clinics are related to outcomes. Methodologically, I’m interested in training scientists in statistics, research design, and psychometrics, models for clustered data, Bayesian methods, improving measurement in psychotherapy research, and open science. Given my methodological interests, I have the opportunity to collaborate with interesting scholars around the world. This allows me to learn about a wide range of topics. My two primary collaborators study hazardous drinking in college students and the neuropsychology of cognitive control.

My teaching interests include introductory research design and statistics at the undergraduate and graduate level, psychometrics, multilevel modeling, structural equation modeling, and meta-analysis. Though much of my research and teaching is methodologically focused, I’m a clinical psychologist and I remain fascinated by clinical work and enjoy training students in behavior therapy. My primary clinical teaching interests are cognitive behavioral therapy and clinical supervision.

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